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Portal is the most secure and easy way to share information with Kingsbery CPAs without the need to password protect your files.
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How to Use Portal

Portal User Guide

Some of the main benefits and uses are:

  • Access to all your tax returns 24/7.
  • Ability to give third party consent to other individuals to view your information and select specifically what they can and cannot see and for a finite amount of time.
  • Files uploaded for your tax preparation work will be downloaded to our secure servers and deleted from the Portal to save space.
  • If you have multiple entities, we can set up multiple Portals under the same login to keep all of your information retrievable and organized.
  • Once an item is uploaded, your accountant automatically gets an email – as will you if they upload any item(s).

Microsoft Silverlight Compatible Operating Systems and Browsers 

MAC Users:

  • Install Silverlight
  • If you prefer not to download Silverlight, on the login screen, use ‘Take me to the non-Silverlight login’ link

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